Restorative Justice: A Vision for Healing and Change

Book - A Vision for Healing and ChangeMRJC is the distribution source for Susan Sharpe’s book “Restorative Justice: A Vision for Healing and Change”  This publication clarifies what restorative justice is, what it can mean at the community level, and what is important for sound and effective restorative justice programs.

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A Practical Resource

This compelling and practical book challenges some of our most basic ideas about crime and justice. It invites readers to understand crime and to define accountability in new ways. This book can help communities develop new ways of responding to crime. It offers readers deeper understanding of:

  • the principles of restorative justice;
  • common restorative justice practices;
  • key aspects of sound restorative justice programs.

" of the finest resources available to date."
- David Gustafson, Co-Director of Community Justice Initiatives, Langley, BC

"Susan Sharpe’s handbook is great - probably the best around. I like the refreshing way that values and principles are articulated, their connection to implementation issues, and the concise summaries of issues and programs."
- Howard Zehr, Professor of Sociology and Restorative Justice, and author of Changing Lenses

"...invaluable advice to anyone interested in the practicalities of justice reform."
- David Moore, Director, Transformative Justice Australia

About the Author

Susan Sharpe is a mediator, facilitator, and trainer in private practice. She has volunteered with the Mediation and Restorative Justice Centre’s Victim Offender Mediation program since it was established.

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