Our Staff Team

Executive Director
The Executive Director's main role is to serve as a liaison between the Board of Directors, team members and service delivery volunteers within the organization, and the community, including many external stakeholder groups.

The Executive Director meets with the MRJC Board of Directors regularly to inform about operational issues and to work with them on strategic solutions to complex challenges. In addition to completing executive-level duties and to providing strategic guidance to MRJC, the Executive Director oversees its staff and oversees the management of marketing, fund raising, program development, human resources and accounting.

Manager, Education and Training

The Manager, Education and Training works with prospective clients to assess their training needs. They lead a design team to create a training  experience that meets the unique needs of the individual, group, not-for-profit organization, business or corporation, government department, service or agency or institution that MRJC provides service to.  The Manager ensures that MRJC training materials reflect current best practice approaches. They are also MRJC’s primary contact for service delivery volunteers and/or contractors.  The Manager, Education and Training interviews and places volunteers in MRJC’s community service delivery model (Community or Workshop Facilitation) and manages their education and training.

Financial Administrator

The Financial Administrator maintains all financial records, files and processes to ensure a fully transparent, accurate and compliant financial operation at MRJC to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Case Coordinators

Our Case Coordinators have been trained in conflict management and effective communication skills.  They answer our public Conflict Management & Support Hotline (promoted by The City of Edmonton’s 3-1-1 Direct Line), listen carefully to unique situations presented that usually involve conflict and/or disagreement between two or more parties, and provide options for support and/or mediation to work toward impact and/or resolve.   The Case Coordinator’s ground work on the original call may result in recommendations for caller access to the array of service options offered by MRJC -- including the possibility of a face-to-face facilitated dialogue with the parties involved in the conflict or dispute.  MRJC’s Case Coordinators also provide referrals to other service organizations in the Greater Edmonton Area or throughout Alberta that will best meet the needs of the caller.

Project Coordinator

MRJC is involved in many unique and interesting projects in collaboration with other community groups and organizations. One such project is the revamping of our volunteer recruitment and training initiatives to provide opportunities for community members to become actively involved in many aspects of our services for the community. In order to respond to the needs of our diverse community, MRJC needs to recruit and train volunteers who reflect the mosaic of the community we serve. This means we need volunteers who not only understand cultural nuances and speak a variety of languages, but who are active in the various cultural groups that make up our community. MRJC also needs to build solid collaborative relationships with other service providers to ensure that we are working together effectively to address community needs. Our project coordinator is responsible for fostering these connections and in providing support to our volunteer community members throughout their training and mentoring process.