Organization or Group Training

MRJC provides quality conflict, communication and skill training to not-for-profit organizations, businesses, government departments, services or agencies and institutions and groups.
Check out what we have to offer the organization that you work for or the groups that you belong to…

Business, Government and Institution Training

Workplace Training Modules

MRJC’s Workplace Training Modules link your employees to organizational goals and the successful execution of strategies to achieve these goals.  Our Workplace Training Modules include Conflict 101, Skills for Frontline Supervisors/Managers, Team Building Exercises, Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers and Difficult and Angry Customers.  Any of these modules can be customized to meet the unique nature, needs and culture of your business, not-for-profit organization, government department, service or agency or institution.

Workplace Train-the-Trainer Program

MRJC’s three-day Train the Trainer Program enhances existing teaching, training, motivation, delivery, impact, communication and conflict resolution skills of staff members who are currently employed as trainers, managers, leaders, consultants, teachers, technical trainers, lecturers, and anyone else, who trains or mentors people. Note: three-day Train the Trainer Program can be broken out into more sessions if required to accommodate individual or team training schedules and requirements.

Custom Training

MRJC offers training modules to businesses, not-for-profit organizations, government departments, services or agencies and institutions, in effective communication, conflict management, coaching for success, management/supervisor training and team building, and can combine these training disciplines into a customized training solution that meets your organization’s specific needs.

Facilitated Staff Mentoring

Once a customized Training Workshop has been completed by members of your team, MRJC can send one of our qualified Facilitators (the one who facilitated the Training Workshop if you like), to mentor staff on-site for a period of time and to help them implement their new skill set.