MRJC empowers and supports people in confronting misunderstandings and conflicts within their own lives, their community or organization. We engage all community members to address the impact and harm causing crime and conflict.

We can teach you or train you to help.

Help us through your financial support or volunteer to make a real difference in your community.


Neighbour Disputes  – Take down fences regarding noise, pets, parking, property lines, trees, garbage, snow removal, communication ,and, yes -- fences, and more.

Family Mediation – Resolve issues with your siblings, parents, children or other family members.  Stop the in-laws from being the outlaws.  Note, we do not engage in child custody or divorce issues.

Family Care Resolutions – Make difficult choices about the care of your dependent children, parents, grandparents, together, when members of your family have immovable positions.

Family Healing – Come together with family members or caregivers to accept personal responsibility and accountability in a harmful and/or abusive situation, moving toward healing as an individual or family. 

Group Dynamics and Group Think  – Tackle space, resource, schedule, communication and leadership concerns, how to deal with difficult members and more within your group’s membership, staff or Board.  All groups, teams and organizations at some point experience conflict or communication concerns or issues that can divide individuals within, or the group and organization itself.  We can help your group, for profit or not-for profit organization (no matter how large or small), to harmonize.

Restorative Dialogues – If you are a victim or offender who has been involved in a crime, MRJC can bring both parties together in a safe and nurturing environment.  These intensive dialogues are led by our trained and experienced Restorative Justice Facilitators.

Circles of Support and Accountability – Volunteer!  Support an innovative, ‘Made-In-Canada’ crime prevention model that significantly reduces victimization.

We Support, Help and Empower People to have Difficult Conversations -- to Confront often Complicated or Harmful Situations in a Safe and Supportive Community Environment.

We offer Positive and Creative Solutions for Negative and Confrontational Situations.