About MRJC

The Mediation & Restorative Justice Centre (MRJC) is a not-for-profit organization devoted to building safer and more peaceful communities. We support our community by providing an array of programs and services based on restorative justice and community mediation principles and practices to effectively resolve conflict.

Real freedom is the ability to pause between a stimulus and a response and in that pause, choose.
- Rolo May

When dialogue escalates into argument and those arguments seem hopeless, there is a way to get through. Whether you need to resolve a dispute, improve your organization’s effectiveness, or enhance your own communications skills, MRJC's Mediation Services can help you.
Restorative Justice works on the premise that the effects of crime are best addressed by involving the offender, the victim and the community to help repair the damage caused by the crime. The Mediation & Restorative Justice Centre offers programs that help address issues specific to the offender, the victim, and the community at large.


MRJC’s aim is to make individuals’ lives safer and communities stronger by preventing the escalation of disputes or recurrence of conflict and criminal behavior.


  1. To provide education and training opportunities in our community.
  2. To provide accessible and responsive programs and services to individuals and organizations.
  3. To promote and create awareness of MRJC and its purpose, values, programs and services.    
  4. To develop and sustain an effective and innovative organization.



  • We work together to achieve our goals.
  • We embrace a collaborative approach.
  • We promote and value a diversified team.
  • We believe in a collaborative, supportive style of interaction.
  • We recognize the value of our volunteers, staff, partners and stakeholders.


  • We have clearly defined strategic directions and goals.
  • We have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • We own and are accountable for our decisions, actions and results.
  • We are open and clear in all of our communication.


  • We design, deliver and improve our programs and services based on best practice.
  • We maintain up to date knowledge in our field.
  • We are responsive to changes within our community and for clients.
  • We seek feedback.


  • We trust and respect one another.
  • We are trusted and respected externally by our community, funders, partners and clients.
  • We are honest and do the right thing.
  • We model the highest ethical standards

Mission & Vision


MRJC strives to build a safer, more connected community, by supporting creative, peaceful solutions in situations of conflict or harm.


Our vision is achieved through programs and services that promote community-based solutions designed to help individuals manage and resolve conflict peacefully. Restorative Justice and Mediation principles are at the heart of everything we do.

Success Factors

If our programs and services are effective, we will see:

  • MRJC services that are used and valued;
  • the transfer of skill and knowledge to individuals and organizations participating in our programs and services;
  • an increased awareness of restorative justice and mediation principles and practices within the community, and;
  • an increase in MRJC's membership.

If our organization’s design and structure are effective, we will see:

  • financial and organizational stability and continuity;
  • accessible and adequate space in place;
  • skilled volunteers and staff working for MRJC;
  • clearly defined outcomes and results for our programs and services;
  • strong partnerships and collaborations with other organizations;
  • an active and engaged Board of Directors;
  • community members wanting to join our organization as volunteers, Board members and staff.

The longer term impact that we expect to achieve includes:

  • MRJC influencing public policy and public perceptions;
  • a reduction in the harm caused by conflict;
  • healthier and safer communities, and;
  • systemic change. Our processes are used and are working.