Conflict Management and Support Services

Like any large city, crime and injustice have become part of our daily existence here in the Greater Edmonton Area, home to almost one million residents. But we have options as to how we wish to respond.  With this many people in a concentrated area, disagreements will take place.  If these disputes are not resolved in their early stages, they can quickly become conflicts that become more difficult to resolve. MRJC has many different types of conflict resolution services that can help you to tackle conflict or disputes that you face in your community.

MRJC offers customized conflict resolution services to individuals, groups and organizations that help them to address conflict and harm in their lives. Our services include coaching, facilitation, mediation, restorative and other conflict resolution processes to residents of the Greater Edmonton Region and surrounding communities

MRJC continually develops its team of knowledgeable, well-trained, reliable, supportive, supported and well-managed staff and volunteers.

To request MRJC services, please send us a detailed email.


Community Support Services

Conflict Management & Support Hotline (780.423.0896)

MRJC’s Case Coordinators can provide you with options for support from MRJC or other conflict services providers in the Greater Edmonton Region and/or facilitated Resolution Meeting with the person or group member you are in conflict or dispute with and our Conflict Resolution Team.   They will help you work toward impact dealing with conflict and/or resolve.  

Resolution Meeting Services

MRJC can help you to resolve difficult conflicts or disputes that may arise between you and your family members, neighbours, members of your community, people at work, or fellow participants in groups or activities by facilitating a meeting with the person or people you are having a dispute with. Most individual/community-based Resolution Meeting Services we provide in the Greater Edmonton Area, facilitated by two members of our Conflict Resolution Team in a safe, public location, are of no-cost to any participant.  Call us on our Conflict Management & Support Hotline at 780-423-0896 to see if you qualify for free Resolution Meeting Services.

Coaching and Support Service

MRJC’s Coaching and Support Service is led by trained and experienced coaches who can help you to:

  • set goals and to provide you with assistance that creates momentum to attain them;
  • view conflict that you will encounter in your life, with perspective from both sides;
  • identify new insights and perspectives about yourself, and the people around you,
  • develop a step-by-step strategy to attain your goals, and;
  • take down barriers that stand between you and the attainment of your goals.

Building Safer Ground – A Restorative Process

MRJC’s Building Safer Ground process may be an option, other than, or in addition to the criminal justice program, when abuse occurs within a family.  We can help your family to dialogue about these sensitive issues.

Restorative Dialogue

Restorative Dialogue is a different way of perceiving and approaching crime and punishment. It is a process where a person who has been harmed (victim) and the person responsible (offender), agree to meet in a safe and controlled environment with trained Restorative Justice Facilitators.

Low-Cost Public Conflict Resolution Workshops

  • Do difficult conversations often end up as arguments?
  • Are you feeling powerless?
  • Do you have trouble getting your point across?
  • Would you like to improve your personal relationships?
  • Do you find it hard to obtain the services you need?
  • Is it challenging to deal with government representatives?
  • Would you like to learn options for dealing with everyday conflicts?
  • Does the art of assertiveness escape you?

MRJC is proud to offer an excellent low-cost public conflict resolution workshop that can help you:

Circles of Support and Accountability

Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA)

This MRJC-supported service is a community-based initiative that operates on restorative justice principles.  Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) assists people who have served a prison sentence for a sexual offence or multiple sexual offences, and who request our help to prevent them from committing another sexual offense.

Business, Not-For-Profit, Government and Institutional Services

Special Resolution Meeting Services

MRJC provides Special Resolution Meeting Services to businesses, not-for-profit organizations, government and institutions on a fee-for-service basis.  Our roster of accredited mediation professionals can help you to resolve group or individual disputes or conflicts within your organization. 

MRJC’S rates for Special Resolution Meetings start at $200 (not-for-profit rate). For this fee, our clients receive the services of two mediators or coaches.  This fee-based service helps to support the free or low cost services that MRJC provides to the community.

Facilitation Services

MRJC’s trained, skilled and neutral facilitators can help the organization that you work or volunteer for, to facilitate a challenging meeting, to work with you on agenda design for maximum results, or, to help your organization to create a pre-set agenda that is geared to your desired outcomes.

We have extensive facilitation experience in all kinds of organizational meetings including, but not limited to; board meetings, staff meetings, goal-setting meetings, public meetings, retreats and planning sessions.

Workplace Training Modules

MRJC’s Workplace Training Modules link your employees to organizational goals and the successful execution of strategies to achieve these goals.  Our Workplace Training Modules include Leadership Training, Employee Engagement & Retention Strategies, Team Building Exercises, Communication Skill Enhancement and Effective Conflict Management.  Any of these modules can be customized to meet the unique nature and needs of your business, not-for-profit organization, government department, services or agencies or institution.

Custom Training

MRJC offers training modules to businesses, not-for-profit organizations, government departments, services or agencies and institutions, in effective communication, conflict management, coaching for success and team support, and can combine these training disciplines into a customized training solution that meets your organization’s specific needs.