Coaching and Support Service

MRJC’s Coaching and Support Service is led by trained and experienced coaches who can help you to:

  • set goals and to provide you with assistance that creates momentum to attain them;
  • view conflict that you will encounter in your life, with perspective from both sides;
  • identify new insights and perspectives about yourself, and the people around you,
  • develop a step-by-step strategy to attain your goals, and;
  • take down barriers that stand between you and the attainment of your goals.

Our flexible fee structure makes our services accessible and affordable for everyone


MRJC actively supports personal growth and life-long learning. We can provide you with assistance to navigate your way through any conflict or adversity that stands in the way of you achieving your personal or professional goals

We tailor our Coaching and Support Service assistance to you and your needs.  Based on the availability of our Coaching & Support Team and your willingness to engage, we can create a flexible training schedule that works for you.

MRJC’s Conflict Coaching process combines specialized and tailored dispute resolution services with up-to-date coaching practices and principles.  Conflict Coaching can help you to improve your conflict management skills in a dynamic, practical and productive process.  MRJC will enhance your capacity to develop creative and constructive ways to handle conflict and to resolve disputes that negatively impact you personally and professionally.

Our Conflict Support Coaches will help you to deal with dispute-specific situations and/or prepare you for mediations with other parties. We focus our training on real-life conflict that affects you personally at home or work, at present, disputes that you have had in the past, or one you anticipate having in the not-so-distant future.

Conflict Coaching is completely confidential.  MRJC’s Conflict Support Coaches will work with you, one-on-one, to:

  • examine your conflict management style;
  • increase your effectiveness to resolve disputes;
  • build your confidence when handling conflict with others;
  • prepare for disputes that you anticipate having;
  • improve your communication skills;
  • gain insights into how conflict impacts you;
  • examine what drives conflict in your life, and how to minimize its impact, and;
  • enhance your conflict management skills.

MRJC’s coaches are combination of personal consultant, trainer, advisor and motivator that can work one-on-one with you, for you. Our coach's will honour you as the expert of you in your life, that only you can direct your own actions.   We will support you and help you to achieve your goals, we will encourage your self-discoveries and work with you to generate achievable solutions and strategies that are custom tailored to you.

To learn more about MRJC’s Coaching and Support Services, contact us at 780-423-0896 or Request Services by clicking here.