Redefining Conflict Workshop - Intro Series

This workshop series (formerly the Managing Interpersonal Conflict Workshop Series) will help you to improve your communication skills to handle difficult conversations or situations of conflict with more confidence.  Each of the four workshop sessions is three-hours long and they are provided in three different languages (French, Spanish, and English).  NEW -- Our newest session is The Art of Win-Win Conversations.

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Workshop Details

 The Redefining Conflict Workshop - Intro Series consists of the following four workshop sessions:

(Note: You have the option to register for workshop sessions individually or to register for the entire series)

Session #1 -- Communication Basics

This introduction to core concepts from the field of conflict resolution will provide communication tools and strategies that will help you to engage in difficult conversations.

Registration Prerequisite:  None

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Session #2 -- Communication Styles

Our facilitators will guide you through the Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory, a self-assessment tool that will help you to manage your response to conflict more effectively with others whose communication style may be different than yours.

Registration Prerequisite:  Session #1 - Communication Basics

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Session #3 -- Communication Skills Practice

You will have an opportunity to reflect on, study and practice the enhanced conflict communications skills you have been taught in greater depth, through facilitated role-plays and scenarios that deal with difficult, real-life situations.

Registration Prerequisite:  Session #1 - Communication Basics & Session #2 – Communication Styles

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Session #4 – The Art of Win-Win Conversations

You can change conversations from adversarial attack and defense to a cooperative win-win.  This powerful shift can alter the way that you communicate with others, and it can redirect the course of conflict that will you will inevitably encounter.

Registration Prerequisite: Session #1 - Communication Basics, Session #2 – Communication Styles, and Session #3 Communication Skills Practice

Full Redefining Conflict Workshop Series (All 4 workshop sessions)

Conflict with someone else can be uncomfortable, especially when we are challenged about things that are important to us. Our four-part Redefining Conflict Workshop Intro Series will provide you with knowledge and tools that will help you to communicate more effectively in interpersonal relationships, at home, or at work.

Thanks to our sponsors and funders, participation in all four workshop sessions is ONLY $75.00 PER PERSON (a $15.00 savings!).


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Workshop Delivery Approach

MRJC will help you to redefine conflict in your life by enhancing your communication with others, by increasing your understanding about how others navigate through situations of conflict and by providing you with the opportunity to practice your new skills in disputes that are based on real-life situations.

Our action-learning approach integrates our workshop content into your daily real-life experiences and situations.  Our trained, experienced facilitators will help you to practice communication skills and strategies while you are involved in real conflict situations.

Our participatory training process has been designed to connect to all adult learning types (audio, visual and tactile – learn by doing).  MRJC will enlighten you about the need to learn new skills, we will incorporate your own personal experiences in the learning and help you to problem-solve through these situations.

We know that you will want to put your training to immediate use, and we will help you and prepare you to do so.  Our workshop series provides time for you to reflect on the new concepts that you will learn, and guide you on how to link these concepts to your own life experiences. The process of sharing ideas and dialogues with other participants will help you to clarify what you think or feel about situations that involve conflict in your own life.  Working in a group will help you to share-in and experience other people’s thought processes.