Conflict Management & Support Hotline

Information and Referral

When you call our public Conflict Management & Support Hotline at 780.423.0896 (promoted by The City of Edmonton’s 3-1-1 Direct Line), our Case Coordinators will listen carefully to the unique situation that you present (usually involving conflict and/or disagreement between two or more parties), and provide you with options for support and/or mediation that will help you work toward impact and/or resolve.  

Our Case Coordinators have been trained in conflict management and effective communication skills.  Their ground work on your original telephone call may result in recommendations for your access to the array of service options offered by MRJC -- including the possibility of a face-to-face facilitated dialogue with the parties involved in the conflict or dispute.  MRJC’s Case Coordinators also provide referrals to other service organizations in the Greater Edmonton Area or throughout Alberta that will best meet the needs of the caller.