Organization Support Services

MRJC offers amazing support to organizations of all kinds in the Greater Edmonton Region.  Our clients include not-for-profit organizations, businesses, corporations, government services, institutions and more.

We can help your organization to RESTORE its workplace culture when a change in leadership takes place, dynamics change or when an internal or external shift significantly impacts culture or morale.

We can facilitate any meeting your organization might have.  We offer this service for community meetings hosted by the not-for-profit sector for FREE.  Facilitation services are provided to businesses, corporations, government, institutional services and other organizations on a fee-for-service basis.

We can TRAIN managers, supervisors, staff, staff trainers and volunteers in the areas of conflict management, team building, effective communication, motivation, dealing with difficult coworkers or difficult/angry customers.

We can help your organization to resolve any internal conflict or dispute.

We can help your organization to transform its workplace culture, how decisions are made and its operating philosophy, by incorporating proven restorative methods into the way you do business.

Please choose one of the following for more information on MRJC’s Organization Support Services.

Not-For-Profit Services (PDF)

Business and Corporate Services (PDF)

Government Department, Service or Agency Services (PDF)

Institutional Services (PDF)