Restorative Justice in Schools Program 

MRJC works directly with schools to integrate restorative practices into classrooms, and into the overall culture of a school.  Restorative Justice is a different way of perceiving and approaching a crime and/or incident such as extreme bullying, theft, vandalism, etc., and punishment for this crime and/or incident that took place or that could take place at your school, one that has affected, or could affect members of your school’s staff team or student population.

School/Not-For-Profit Organization Full-Day Workshop Training Fee Schedule

Number of Participants per Group


Services Rendered

Number of Facilitators/Trainers Required

            6 to 10



            11 to 15



            16 to 25




These are MRJC’s standard base fees for day-long, school and not-for-profit training services.  Note:  these daily rates may increase based on need (i.e. additional facilitators or resource materials required).

Fee subsidies are available for schools and not-for-profit organizations with limited budgets and resources. For more information, or for MRJC to provide you with a detailed quote for services, please contact us by telephone at 780-423-0896 ext. 205 or by e-mail at