Custom Training and Mentoring for Not-For-Profit Organizations, Businesses, Government Services and Institutions

MRJC can customize training to meet the needs of the business, not-for-profit organization, government department, service or agency or institution that you work for.
We can provide on-site Facilitated Staff Mentoring at your office or place of work once your staff team has participated in a customized Training Workshop.

Customized Training Workshops

MRJC offers customized Training Workshops to businesses, not-for-profit organizations, government departments, services or agencies and institutions.  We will custom-tailor the workshop’s focus around restorative requirements that are unique to the organization that you work for.
MRJC also works directly with schools to integrate restorative practices into classrooms, and into the overall culture of a school.

Part of the proceeds from MRJC’s custom training services help to fund our community programs.

Facilitator Staff Mentoring

Once a customized Training Workshop has been completed by members of your team, MRJC can send one of our qualified Facilitators (the one who facilitated the Training Workshop if you like), to mentor staff on-site for a period of time and to help them implement their new skill set.

Request Training

To learn more about MRJC’s Facilitated Staff Mentoring program, you can contact us at 780-423-0896 or Request Training via email.