MRJC’s three-day Organization or Group Train the Trainer program enhances existing teaching, training, motivation, delivery, impact, communication and conflict resolution skills of  people like you who are currently employed as trainers, managers, leaders, consultants, teachers, technical trainers, lecturers, and anyone else, who trains or mentors people.

Note: The three-day Train the Trainer program can be broken out into more sessions if required to accommodate team training schedules and requirements.  MRJC can deliver this program on-site at your workplace or group’s meeting place or at MRJC.

Your organization or group will benefit by participating in MRJC’s Train the Trainer program by:

  • enhancing your effective motivation, preparation, communication and conflict resolution skills;
  • adding further meaning and results-orientation to the training that you provide and, by;
  • learning new techniques for impactful training delivery to your trainees that will leave a lasting impression.

To learn more about MRJC’s Organization or Group Train-the-Trainer program, you can contact us at 780-423-0896 or Request Training via e-mail.